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Heathen Worship Types

I think that formal worship in Our Faithway falls into three types.

All are affected by Right Good Will and the Worth of That Which is Shared, and do have some measure of Poetic Significance.

1) Blòt: Offering and Sacrifice: Gathering where the Bonds between Holy and Earthly are reformed, reforged, tempered and strengthened, with the Folk as Willing Onlookers and Helpmeets, and a Gothi or Gythis as "smith." What is Done goes into the Well, for good or ill, as weighty layers or floating mist. I started sometime ago to label what I Stand, as an Offering rather than a Blot. I have come to believe that a Blot must contain a Sacral Killing.

2) Sumble: Boasting, Toasting and Gifting: Gathering where the Bonds between the Folk are reformed, reforged, tempered and strengthened, with the Holy Powers as interested Onlookers and Hearers. All the Folk are "Smiths" in this case, I think, with a Sumble Leader {Lord} and Sumble Sage {Thyle} as needed parts of the whole. What is Said goes into the Well, for good or ill, as weighty layers or floating mist. Sumble is of two sorts in my view, which I believe is shared by many (Pip note - I would think my Theodish friends might have a differing view ;-)

A) Holy Sumble: This I define as being strictly of three rounds and held in a formally defined space:
i) Words and Drink to the Holy
ii) Words and Drink to Kin, Kith or Heros
iii) Free round of Words and Drink: Boast our own deeds, Oath future deeds, Tell some tale, poem or song of Worth, Gift others of the Folk

This Sumble is of Great Significance, but is Bound by the Need for Form, Mannerliness, Worthiness, and some Time Constraint.

B) Folk Sumble: This I define as the Folk gathered around the Fire (be it a campfire, the family hearthstone, or even sitting at a table with friends and having a lamp or candle as a symbolic Need Fire), passing the Horn from Hand to Hand. This is where some of the Most Significant Words are Given, I think. This is the Sumble that knows no end, save that bound by the endurance of the participants. This is the Sumble where most anything goes: Boast or Toast, Poem or Song, Laughter or Tears, Solemnity or Silliness... In this Sumble, we let our hair down and Give of Ourselves to the other Sumblers. This sort of Sumble is very rich in byplay as the Sumblers feed off of each other's words and find inspiration therein.

3) Husel: Feasting and Comradeship: Gathering where Friendship and Community is thoroughly enjoyed, by Holy and Earthly. As Men and Women, we come together - cook a meal and make drink - share with Kin, Kith and Friends. Our wealth, skills and love are offered. We share in the Plenty of the Earth, for the Commonweal; this we celebrate. We share with the Holy Ones by setting aside a Gods' Plate of the choicest foodstuffs and drink. This too, adds to the Folk's Layers in the Well.

tuppence - Pip

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Intro to Asatrú

If one is interested in looking at a good intro to Heathenry, I suggest

“Learn how to read, learn how to write"

Tchuss - Pip    

First Look

A First Look at What I Believe.—

First of all, I believe in myself.  This is perhaps the most wavering part of my beliefs.  There are days when I am able to do a lot of good things and others where I do a good imitation of an artichoke tossed on the couch.

Second of all, I believe in my love for my wife Anita.  This has been the bedrock of my existence since the first time I saw her in late August 1977.

Thirdly, I believe in the Holy Æsir and Vanir, the Disir and Alfar, the other Wealful Wights...

I also believe in my Folk, those Ancestors from whom I have come into this life, and in those Kin and Kith who are of the same or of similar heritage.

There are those who would say that returning to the native tribal spirituality, which sustained those of northern Europe before the invasion of Christianity is quaint, even eccentric.

There are those who would view it as a danger.

I of course, view it as a natural growth in myself as I have wended my way through life.

I believe what I believe.

What you believe, so long as you do not try and infringe on my rights, is of no danger to me.

As I have come to know my "feel" for the Holy more intimately, come to know the depths of my heartfelt bond with the Elder Ones, I have come to the conclusion that imposition of beliefs, that conversion through coercion and danger, IS the true danger.

More as I go on...

Be Well - Pip

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An Heathen Reader

An Heathen Reader will be a place for me to share my ideas and observations on the Northern Folkway as lived in Vinland.

Northern Folkway: Asatrú, Heathenry, Odinism, Vinlandic Folkway, asf...

Basically, it's about living the best life one can,
while doing what is right for family, friends and community,
with wisdom, generosity and personal honor.

Also, it is about a close Kinship with and worshipful heart for
the Holy Æsir and Vanir.

It is about honoring one's Forebears and Heritage,