Sunday, May 08, 2005

First Look

A First Look at What I Believe.—

First of all, I believe in myself.  This is perhaps the most wavering part of my beliefs.  There are days when I am able to do a lot of good things and others where I do a good imitation of an artichoke tossed on the couch.

Second of all, I believe in my love for my wife Anita.  This has been the bedrock of my existence since the first time I saw her in late August 1977.

Thirdly, I believe in the Holy Æsir and Vanir, the Disir and Alfar, the other Wealful Wights...

I also believe in my Folk, those Ancestors from whom I have come into this life, and in those Kin and Kith who are of the same or of similar heritage.

There are those who would say that returning to the native tribal spirituality, which sustained those of northern Europe before the invasion of Christianity is quaint, even eccentric.

There are those who would view it as a danger.

I of course, view it as a natural growth in myself as I have wended my way through life.

I believe what I believe.

What you believe, so long as you do not try and infringe on my rights, is of no danger to me.

As I have come to know my "feel" for the Holy more intimately, come to know the depths of my heartfelt bond with the Elder Ones, I have come to the conclusion that imposition of beliefs, that conversion through coercion and danger, IS the true danger.

More as I go on...

Be Well - Pip


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