Saturday, June 18, 2005

On the road

Hail all,

On the road to the land where I was born and raised: New England. More especially, the foothill country along the Connecticut river near where the Westfield joins it. I've had folk in the area since the mid to late 1640's.

More words here once I return.

Hail the Holy Powers!
Hail our honored Forebears!
Hail the Land!

Be well - Pip

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Pip pops up, again

Hej All,

Been a bit busy the last few weeks.

Went to Trothmoot 2005 in southern Indiana the weekend of June 4th. Mrs Pip (Anita) accompanied me, dispelling the notion that she's been my imaginary playmate all these years.

I offered a talk on Heathen poetics from the viewpoint of my work. The gathered folk for this was a small crowd, but were well engaged in the conversation.

I'll continue to be busy, but having regained access here (comp-fuser problems) I'll be logging in on a weekly basis.

til next time - Pip