Saturday, January 26, 2008

A reply to a nonHeathen

Hail all;

I originally sent this on 12/31 to the "Spiritual Deism" discussion list. It was in response to one correspondant thereon mentioning Heathenry in one of his posts, particularly the "Jungian archetype" way of looking at the Gods.


Something I like about this group is the invitation to (what I remember as) good debate on topics of interest, plus the devotion to what I see as a purposeful provision of information on Spiritual Deism.

I'll speak up as one of the Heathens on the list.

I use the name Asatru for the faithway/belief system in which I live. It is a deceptively simple word; a 19th century literary construct meaning having faith in the gods. As an Asatruar, I have plighted mytroth to the holy Aesir and Vanir.

Opinion of the nature of the gods and goddesses worshipped historically and currently is very wide-ranging. We have atheistic Asafolk (there were those called 'Godless" in the Sagas) at one end ofthe spectrum and those who believe they have seen the Holy Powers fully personified in their individual lives at the other.

Jungian archetype folk are a part of this picture as are Campbellians, Dumezellians, Rydbergians, Simakicists, Grimmists and so forth.

I am likewise a part of this picture. I suppose one could think of me as a man who has "seen" the Holy Ones in a personal way (reacting to both Genius and Animus); much of my poetry is inspired by this interaction and my worship is conducted by speaking to them as individuals.

I am also Numenistic in my approach; feeling their Power in the "footprints" they leave in creation; again, poetic inspiration....and yes, I do take some of my inspiration from the philosophy of the Religio Romana of some of my ancestors.

I am also somewhat Deistic (panentheistic) in my thoughts. For me,the question always remains, what is/was the Initial Causation? What set the Dance of Fire and Ice in motion to fill Ginungagap and start Life in its course? I think that this Ultimate Source is both Unknown and Unknowable, to large extent, by the mind of man. But, the individual gods, goddesses, giants and heroes, descended from this Ultimate, are in some part known and knowable.

Otherwise I suffer from neither heterodoxy, orthodoxy, heteropraxy nor orthopraxy, just being myself in my understanding and worship ,-)

--May the Holy Aesir and Vanir strengthen us. May our Blessed Forebears see us as worthy. May we ever build for Kin, Kith and Community.

In Grith under Troth - Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
Catamount Grange Hearth - Husband
Oak Shadow Kindred (an independant kindred) - Skald

Asatru Folk Assembly - Folkbuilder
IL, IA. MO, WI, MN, east NE, east KS, west KY

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Blogger Maanku said...

Well said!

In frith,

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