Friday, January 18, 2008

Hammersign in Asatru Ritual

The "classic" Hammer Sign is a modern construct in the opinion I've formed over the years.

Does this diminish it's meaning?

I think not.

I am of the opinion, for modern Heathens, that which aids us in being able to bond with the Holy Powers is in fact, good.

I use a variation on the "traditional" Hammer signing.

I start with my hand raised to Asgard as I face North, feeling the touch of the Holy Powers upon me.

I then clench my fist and bring it to my forehead, while saying "Odin;" to the middle of my chest - "Tyr;" to the base of my chest - "Uller;" to my left shoulder - "Thor;" to my right shoulder - "Frey;" and back to the base of my chest - "Balder."

For me this acknowledges: Wisdom - Law - Guardianship - Strength - Prosperity - Hope.

I find that using this Hammer Sign gives me comfort and eases me into a state of mind, which opens a "path" to feeling the Holy Powers when I am Standing before Them to Offer Words, Drink and Spirit.

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