Thursday, December 29, 2005

What to Offer?

What is appropriate to offer when we Blót the High Holy Ones?

Most usually we do use mead or other fermented beverage.

Sometimes it is a Gods' portion of a meal, sometimes a knife, bracelet, carving or other item of craft.

We are not offering just the drink (or food or other object) we are giving of ourselves: our effort, our thoughts, our skill, our time, our might, our maegn...

Something, which has been made or changed by human hands, is rightful to Give to Them, I believe.

If one is below "drinking age," a Good Gift can still be given.

There have been times when I have purchased raw coffee beans, roasted them, ground them and brewed coffee from them.  I have shared this drink with Uller on cold, wintry  days, and I believe He likes this strong brew of mine.

The key is not so much what is offered as is How and Why.


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