Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hej All, This is who and what I am. I take other...

Hej All,

This is who and what I am.

I take others at face worth. I show good manners and friendliness until such is unwarranted. Respect and friendship are earned.

My hope is that a stronger Heathen Community will grow out of the "networking" upon which I have been working for many years.  The core value of my work will be: helping to form Heathen community and otherwise furthering the Work of the Re-Awakening of Folk of good will to That Which Lies Within their Kinlore.

I am noted as one of the best Skalds writing in modern English, as well as a respected essayist.  I like being read and am grateful when folks find my words of worth.  But, I want my words to spark folks writing their own stories, plain text or verse, all is good.

My Troth and Worship is with the Holy Northern Powers. My Kinlore is wide, and I do hold respect for many Holy Ones of my non-Northern Forebears. My heart of hearts IS given to the Aesir and Vanir, though.

My Kinship, Kithship and Friendship ties on Midgard are predominantly with individual men and women of a wide range of viewpoints, Tribalist, Folkish, Progressive, Theodish, all points across the board, independent and affiliated.

I am pleased to say that a number of Heathen groups are growing around Midgard. I am particularly most familiar with those in the US part of Vinland.

I seek to build a future for my Kin, Kith and other Friends.
I seek to build for our children.

Tis is all the more of Worth to me as my beloved wife and I are childless.

Build for our children, write your stories, sing your songs, LIVE, for them and us.
Look for books, cd-roms and e-books from various Heathen publishers of my work, and the work of the other Skalds we hope to attract to our Folkway.

Plus, I should again like to admonish you, who are reading these words, WRITE YOUR OWN STORIES, POEMS, SONGS!!!
Build a modern Word-hoard, which may someday be considered as Lore by our descendents.

We live in Saga times!!!

I am looking for solid Heathens from the central state line region of Illinois (Rockford area) - Wisconsin (Beloit area). Not only Skalds, but also Folk of Good Will and Mind who are in Troth with the Holy Aesir and Vanir.

I am sometimes slow in responding, please do not take this as indifference to your query.

Pride in our Kinlore and Forebears IS NOT Hate!  You can't tell the difference, I can't help you.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My life is a Blót!
Hail the Gods!
Hail our Northern Folk!



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