Saturday, May 02, 2009

Hammer Project - Military Family Spport

I am at heart a soldier still
I hear the Call across the years
It stirs my soul and thoughts well up
Of duty done, and friendships made
Stave 209: Ye Piparskeggrsmal

Hail all;

As a veteran, albeit peacetime Guard and Reserve duty, I look upon those days with fondness and realism.

The Hammer Project, which is supported by the Asatru Folk Assembly, is an outreach project to support service members and their families.

One aspect, which is of growing importance. . .getting recognition that a symbol for Asatruars who have died as active warriors, or as veterans back home in the community they defended, deserve to have the choice of a symbol of Faith on their gravestone just as much as any other man or woman of Faith who has carried the Burden of Warding he Commonweal.

Please go to the site, which is linked to the subject header and read it over.

Also, there is a link to follow on the site for the purpose of signing an online petition in suport of the Hammer Project's goal of gaining the aforementioned recognition.

Thanks in advance - Pip

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