Sunday, February 03, 2008

Is God an invention of man's mind or true being?

A short essay in reply to the question on another site...

I have no proof, no shareable knowledge that the Holy exists.

What I have is an absolute, unshakable Faith that an Ultimate Source is there beyond me.

The ultimate truth for me is that the Holy is ultimately Unknown and Unknowable by the mind of man. The Romans (part of my ancestry) would label this Numinism. Though, I do not follow the Religio Romana.

I am Asatru. That is, I have plighted my troth to the Aesir and Vanir; Gods and Goddesses worshiped by my northern European ancestors.

I firmly believe that I have had personal experience of the Holy as I understand it. Uller, Odin, Thor, Eira, Nerthus and Others have communicated with me in ways that have confirmed my belief that Holy Powers do, indeed, exisit and live.

I do not, however, claim that They speak to me in any conventional meaning of the word.

Is God (aka That Which Is Holy) a True Being? Yes.


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