Thursday, November 22, 2007

A poem about my favorite pistol - Jeff Cooper's Gunsite

"The Pistol. Learn it well; wear it always!" - Jeff Cooper

The blued-steel Colt
The new steel Colt
She runs to stunts erratic
For she's a darn
Tough arm to learn
This Army automatic.

Yet when you get to know this arm
And how to coax and pet her,
She'll do her duty like a charm
No Gun will serve you better

She'll stick right closely by your side
And as the fight grows hotter
And you are caught in battle's tide
--You'll thank your stars you've got her.

The lusty Colt, The trusty Colt,
The weapon democratic,
Whose vicious might
Makes men one height
--The Army automatic.

--Songs of the Training Camps


I am a firm believer that the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America is simply written and clear in meaning: the individual citizen has a Gods-given right to obtain, keep and bear arms (suitable to service in the militia) and to receive proper training in the safe, effective and lawful use thereof from the State.

The collective duty of community defense springs, I think, from the individual right to defend oneself, one's family AND one's property.

When governments, which are established to protect the interests of individual citizens, strive to restrict Rights and turn them into privelages...well, the wisdom of those who are supposed to control the government (you and me folks) is called into question.

That's all for now - - - Pip

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