Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This I believe, initial offering...


I'm in the process of trying to figure out how scatter-shot my web presence is...pulling things in from elsewhere.

Posted this on my FB wall today.


This I believe.

I will never be confused with a warrior.

I have been soldier and security guard, trained to arms and duty.

I have been poet and caregiver.
I have been cook, brewer, and dishwasher.
I have mopped floors and raked lawns.
I have mended shoes and made clothing.

I have soothed Kin and Kith in their dark times, and have been succored in return.

I have celebrated with Kin and Kith in their happy times, and been celebrated a bit.

I seek to build bridges and find fords between myself and others.

I try to approach with curiosity, courtesy AND caution.

I ask, tell me your story.

I am a man who tries to do his best to leave a good Name behind, as my family gave to me.

I try to earn every day the Worth to have Warriors guard me.

I remember to be truly grateful for them.


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